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What was the last thing you did that challenged you? What was your last struggle? Are you struggling now?

Struggling, believe it or not, is often a good sign. Struggling means you’re pushing yourself. Struggling means you’re not resting on your laurels. Struggling fuels growth.

If you haven’t felt challenged recently take it as a warning that stagnation is setting in. You might be making progress, but you’re not growing. You don’t have to grow all the time, but you should be a bit outside your comfort zone on a regular basis.

Success feels great, but if that’s all you feel it will provide diminishing returns. You need challenge and accomplishment in equal measure, as the former enhances the latter. A hard-fought victory is more rewarding than an easy win. Easy accomplishment lacks substance, but challenges have lessons to teach.

Bring challenge and accomplishment into balance. Too much struggle will drag you down into a dark place. Too many easy wins will hollow you out. Harmony and happiness are found, as usual, somewhere in the middle.