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Friday Links

Marc Edwards shares his app icon design workflow, which contains a lot of interesting detail and links to some useful resources and concepts.

Tobias van Schneider pens a thought provoking piece about motivation and environment: The Broken Window Theory in Product Design.

Jonas Downey urges us all to remember that we’re creating things for people, and advocates designing with heart.

Some interesting thoughts and ideas relating to the constraints of working with non-profits and other clients that are resource constrained from Ethan Marcotte.

Lewis Wallace wrote a piece about the impossibility of true objectivity and neutrality, then got fired for writing it, which resulted in some interesting commentary and observations from Felix Salmon.

A great video about putting people in boxes from a TV station in Denmark.

I’m a bit late with this, but The New York Times has some great pictures of the women’s marches from around the world.

A great little story.

And, finally, step zero of the development process, illustrated.