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Friday Links

Lulu Miller gives one of the best talks I’ve ever seen about radio journalism, pillow forts, the power of voice, and empathy.

Tom Gauld’s The Life-Changing Magic of Decluttering in a Post-Apocalyptic World made me smile.

Jamie Wong provides the best explanation of bezier curves I’ve ever come across. Don’t let the math intimidate you; the animated diagrams work wonderfully on their own.

Brad Mangin, a freelance sports photographer who’s primary clients are Sports Illustrated and Major League Baseball, explains how and why he earned more from photo gigs shot with his iPhone vs. his DSLRs in 2016.

Outlinely is an interesting outlining app for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Elizabeth Sampat tweets 100 lessons that are well worth your time.

John Gruber links to an article and a tweet that might make you think about Facebook a little differently.

Oliver Burkeman penned a fantastic long read about why time management is ruining our lives.

My wife and I produced and released the second episode of Introvocabulum, a game show on The Incomparable podcast network.

If you have an Amazon Echo and you’re a Star Trek fan I have good news: You can now use “computer” as the wake word.

Lucy Rycroft-Smith shares her experience wearing men’s clothes for a month. (It’s more interesting and enlightening than it sounds.)

There’s a lot of interesting stuff coming from Apple in the iOS 10.3 update, which is now in beta.

Warning: Political links below!

Regardless of how you feel about the current political situation in America it’s important to stay informed. Track Trump is a site that will track and document the policies put in place by the Trump administration for the first 100 days, concentrating on the pledges made during his campaign. Their goal is to be a useful and informative resource for everyone regardless of their political viewpoints.

Dana Hunter writes about Trump gagging various government agencies, and the employees of those agencies defying the censorship by creating alternative social media accounts.

Shani Silver wrote an eloquent piece explaining why she marches for what she believes in.

On January 21st millions of people around the world marched to protest Trump and his policies. Some of the people behind the marches launched a new campaign, 10 Actions for the first 100 Days, which provides steps everyone can take to make sure their voices are heard in a meaningful way.

Want to take even more action? The 65 provides weekly calls to action to fight for a vision of a diverse, inclusive America.