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The tools at our disposal have never been as capable, numerous, or easy to use as they are today, and they’re improving all the time. We have, at our fingertips, the ability to create videos, music, podcasts, apps, games, books, courses, shirts, hats, bags, and so much more.

With so many options comes the paralysis of choice. How can we select just one thing to do from so many? How can we be sure the choice we make is the correct one? We become so concerned with making the right move that we don’t make any move at all. We let our fear of selecting the wrong thing stop us from choosing anything.

There are indeed good and bad choices, but they are extremes, and they’re obvious. Making your website load as fast as possible is a good idea. Using copy that insults your customers is a bad idea. Obvious.

Other choices, other ideas (especially the ones you’re struggling with) are neither good nor bad. They’re starting points. They’re titles without stories. Execution tells the story, and the story is what turns out to be good or bad.

If you find yourself unintentionally doing nothing, make yourself do something. Pick something at random from your list of choices and do it.

Yes, at random.

If it’s on your list of possibilities, it has the potential for greatness. If there are things on your list that don’t have the potential for greatness, you need to get them off your list.

Try things. Start telling a story. If you realize you’re telling a bad story, stop, and start telling a different one. Don’t get too attached. Strive to tell good stories, but realize that telling bad ones is a normal and healthy part of the creative process.

Just don’t end up telling no story at all.